Why I Will March

Post Date: January 16th, 2017

Sometimes you have to find a way to get in the way…or get in trouble…good trouble…necessary trouble.
—John Lewis

“Tell me why you are marching,” a friend said.

My heart is full of so many reasons. Crafting a poster is hard.

Diane Nash and C.T. Vivian lead a demonstration in Nashville. Credit: The Nashville Tennessean.

Black leaders march down Jefferson Street at the head of a group of 3000 demonstrators and heading toward City Hall to protesting the Z. Alexander Looby bombing. Leaders are Rev. C.T. Vivian, front row left, Diane Nash of Fisk, Bernard Lafayette of American Baptist seminary, Curtis Murphy of Tennessee A&I, back row center, and Rodney Powell of Meharry. (Jack Corn / The Tennessean) 4/19/1960. Image found here.

I have carried these reasons with me for a while.

This Saturday I will march

  • For survivors of sexual assault silenced by misogyny
  • For my Muslim brothers and sisters who worry for their safety
  • For the Black Lives Matter movement
  • For Diane Nash and John Lewis and their repeated, courageous ACTIONS
  • For my Latina sisters and their families who are immigrants and those who have been here forever, all of us making this country great every day
  • For my friends and family with pre-existing conditions, i.e., health concerns and challenges that shape their daily lives
  • For my LGBTIQA friends and family whose wonderful selves, voices, and expressions must be seen and heard
  • To say yes to the beautiful diversity of this country
  • To say yes to the respect, civility, and grace that the Obama family embodies
  • To say no to the FearMongerer in Chief
  • To say no to the Republican majority, who are repealing health care and are abandoning our citizens once again
  • To say no to propaganda and fake news that destroyed one of our first female candidates for President and that infects our public discourse
  • For journalists out there doing the right thing every day
  • Because facts matter
  • Because words matter
  • For democracy

For integrity, eloquence, and inspiration, please see the Women’s March Guiding Vision and Definition of Principles.


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  1. michele pierce burns says:

    AMEN! ? My 17-yr old Danson will be there
    on Sat marching with you with his dad, stepmom&little sis. I’ve shared your words with him. Today we bought his 1st camera.
    I will host a sacred sisters gathering at my
    home Sat to pray&send love and light your way. Thank you for inspiring me to action Lyn. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for holding the space for Dr. Martin&Coretta Scott King’s vision of a beloved community. You always have. ?

    • Lyn Hawks says:

      Thank you, Michele, for raising your child in the light, for doing the hard work of justice daily, and for being the change we want to see in the world. How amazing for Danson that he is doing this at 17. Love you.

  2. Stephanie Moore says:

    Lyn, thank you for marching. And for all of us who are with you in our hearts every step of the way. So much of what you do, and who your are, inspires me. Sending you good thoughts and gratitude.

  3. Sandra Stephenson Henry says:

    Way to go Danson. !!!!!Praying for our country, and leaders.