What I Know Right Now

Post Date: December 10th, 2010

…that if you read enough books and blogs on querying, platforms, and publishing, you do get wiser.

…that certain types of advice on querying, platforms, and publishing can sound like truth but ultimately be subjective. At this interview you might hear you shouldn’t tout your experience teaching high school students because just like parenting, teaching doesn’t make for YA expertise. Then elsewhere on a reputable blog, you’ll read that you ought to promote your teaching background, as it does show you’ve met at least 1,000 teens and might know something about their literary tastes.

…that whatever you read as an absolute “no-no” or “don’t do” in queries, heed it. If it’s a “hem-haw, I don’t know, I probably wouldn’t try this,” trust yourself that if you do try it, you’ll find a clever and professional way to do so. Example: comparing your manuscript to best-sellers or beginning your query with the cliched “What if?”

…that you should listen to your Late-Night Heart. For some it might be the Early Morning Muse. Whenever it strikes, obey. The notion may reek of craziness or desperation, but just do it. Listening to both has led me to a complete manuscript and positive query responses.

…that you should never go anywhere without a way to write it down.

…that if you tend to be particularly inspired while driving, get yourself a digital recorder, learn to talk to it like the griots of old, and save your fellow commuters a heart attack.

…that I don’t do this for the money alone, but I do deserve to get paid.

…that there are many, many fabulous writers out there, and not all may get their chance.

…that you should write angry and revise kind. Write for revenge and justice. Then in a cooler moment, write out of compassion and hope for your fellow man.

That’s what I know, right this minute.

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  1. And if you just hang in there, a lot of the competition will drop away.