Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Done With Your Novel

Post Date: April 11th, 2011

1. You have a day job.
2. Your codependent cat has an eerie, human-baby cry.
3. You are a sensitive soul who gives a darn about the important (tsunamis and earthquakes) and the unimportant (office drama).
4. AMC has a new series called “The Killing.” (So, you said you’re “sensitive”?)
5. You believe you can conquer the Everest of laundry while writing.
6. You believe that perfection can be achieved in this lifetime.
7. You love revision, a little too much.
8. It has come to your attention that you should socialize, at least once a month.
9. You eat and sleep.
10. You have a blog.

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  1. Bob Mustin says:

    I can relate to that!