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“I have a copy of your book, Teaching Julius Caesar: A Differentiated Approach, and I absolutely love it. Seriously. It is the best teaching guide I have come across to date, and I will most certainly acquire your book for Romeo and Juliet. I look forward to reading more of your work, and incorporating some of the teaching guides into my practice.”

— Fraser Fell, high school English teacher

Julius Caesar, with its themes of loyalty, ambition, and deception, still resonates with high school students and remains a favorite text in classrooms everywhere. Through differentiated instruction, the book offers solutions for bringing the play to life for all students—those with various interests, readiness levels, and learning styles.

This book is a comprehensive curriculum for teaching the play and offers:

*Lesson plans highlighting key scenes
*Mini-lessons for reading and writing
*Performance activities
* Close reading assignments for ELL, novice, on-target, and advanced learners
*Quizzes, writing assignments, and compacting guidelines


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