Four Ways to Fight Imposter Syndrome: How Authors Just Need to Chill

Post Date: May 19th, 2019

I decided to hold forth in a video in the very real fear us authors feel about imposter syndrome.

I just finished the latest revision of my young adult novel, No Small Thing, and I’ve been thinking about how I handle the imposter syndrome. So many of us face the feeling that somehow, we deluded ourselves into doing this thing, when we really don’t have the talent or the chops. I have four ways to put that BS on the shelf.

  • One, ignore the hype.
  • Two, find the source of your faith.
  • Three, get back to work.
  • And four, remember those who love you. They believe in you. You’re the real deal.

Want deets? Listen to the video.


  1. Katherine Fairchild says:

    As one of your many fans, I have to say this video is more than fabulous— so upbeat and positive — Elizabeth Gilbert would be impressed!

  2. Lyn Fairchild Hawks says:

    Guess who I got that positivity from? 😉