Welcome to the Educators section. Here you can find literary analysis questions for use in classroom discussion as well as information about workshops I lead with high school students, grades 9 – 12.

Literary Analysis Questions

Visit the Readers section for questions usable in your classroom.

Workshops for Your Classroom

As a veteran of the high school English classroom and a curriculum designer, I prepare workshops that encourage creativity and critical thinking while reinforcing skills in the Common Core English Language Arts Standards.

  • Socratic Discussion, Short Stories or Novel. I will lead a class or students in a one or two-hour session to discuss a short story or excerpt of the novel. I can make connections to concepts and themes addressed in your course’s prior study of literature. I also provide additional reading questions (for your classroom use or homework) to help students to do a first-level analysis before my arrival, identifying aspects of character, plot, setting, and diction.
  • Creative Writing Workshops. I will lead classes in developing characters, plot, setting, or story ideas, tailored to larger curricular goals.
  • Contact Lyn for rates and fees.

Copyright and Fair Use

Please respect copyright laws. With short stories, you may make copies of one story and distribute them physically or online (see specifics below). “One-time use” means a teacher may use the materials in one class, for one unit, in one year. You may re-use these materials the following year.

You may

  • Make one set of classroom copies of one short story or an excerpt of the novel and re-use that classroom set in your own classroom year to year.
  • Post a PDF of one story or an excerpt of the novel online, for one-time use with one class, kept behind a password-protected area of a school server or website.
  • Buy one class set of the collection or novel (whether e-version or print) if
    1. you plan to use multiple stories or a majority of the novel
    2. and/or multiple classes in the school will use the collection or novel.

To copy a class set of one story or a class set of an excerpt of the novel, for one-time classroom use, please ensure your department or library has a copy of the book. A department can circulate this one copy of a book among teachers, but if you make more than one classroom set of copies, I request that you buy one copy of the book per teacher.